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1001 Airport Blvd

Adaptive Re-use


The overall development vision is to convert the current  248,000 square foot defunct shopping mall into a progressive, creative office workplace, with abundant area for collaboration and socialization, and the ability to easily access outdoor amenities such as recreation and outdoor workspaces.  ECM’s primary re-design focus entails:


·         Adding substantial light and air in the building;


·         Re-conceptualizing the access points, creating dramatic, branded entryways;


·         Activating the landscaping;


·         Building a new, sophisticated, amenity area in the center of the building;


The changing nature of office use is transforming spaces into open, flexible locales where separate professions and disciplines more easily converge. The changing demographic of workers is altering designs to be more comfortable, social and collaborative. Given the site’s single floor design, indoor-outdoor flow and abundant open space; ECM believes the property is an ideal candidate for adaptive re-use from retail to best-in-class creative office.  


The investment opportunity was sourced through ECM’s professional network. The site was not marketed to the public. The site was acquired in 2019 and construction is expected to be completed in Spring 2020.





200207_interior view 01_lo-res.jpg
200207_north entry_lo-res.jpg
200207_interior view 02_lo-res.jpg
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